Meet the Artist

Dawn Briskey
Dawn Briskey

I create mosaics using reclaimed and new materials. I have created mosaics on tables, windowpanes, mirrors, trays, picture frames and even an old teapot, as well as more traditional surfaces. I use stained glass, broken china, jewelry, beads, tiles, and anything else I can glue down. I love to transform something old, ugly or battered into something beautiful.

My work is meant to be uplifting, and to bring joy. Through bright colors, creative use of materials, and original designs, I create mosaics that are colorful and fun to look at.

Much of my work is built on patterns or simple nature themes. I have designed mosaics based on photographs I have taken, designs I have created with my compass and ruler, or simple geometric patterns. I make things I like to look at. If my heart leaps with joy when I see something I have made, I know I have let the creative power of the universe flow through me and express itself in something new.

Mosaic artists tend to be generous people, eager to share their knowledge. I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best: through classes at the Chicago Mosaic School, during workshops at the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) annual meetings, online classes, and online forums. When I am not making mosaics, I work as a consultant, helping associations in the Chicago area with their technology needs. I am a member of SAMA, Contemporary Mosaic Artists (CMA), and Piecemakers.